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About Us 

We know that you have choices regarding your Traffic Safety Education  and want you to be as delighted as we are that you've chosen us for your Driver's Education needs. Our mission here at 


"Provide each student the foundation for a lifetime of safe and responsible driving".


ALL SEASONS is a locally owned and operated family business located in the Spokane Valley. We are currently in our 23rd year of business and have a group of dedicated instructors who live and work here in the Spokane Valley. Therefore we take a personal interest in the success of our students (our neighbors).

Our instructors are trained to equip student with the mental and physical skills required for safe and responsible driving in today's demanding environment. Our focus is not only on improving the students physical control of the vehicle but emphasizes situational and self awareness. Providing them the tools to constantly Minimize risk, Separate themselves from hazards (potential and actual) and the willingness to Compromise their own position on the road to remain safe.

Our specialty is teaching safe, responsible, defensive driving skills in an engaging and interactive environment that students will remember and apply throughout their driving career...... so whether  you're age 15 and above looking to get your first license or an adult looking for a brush up on your skills - we can help!


We are proud of our program and the advantages we offer you, 

Our Valued Customer

Our Program

In the Classroom

Our comfortable well equipped classroom optimizes the student learning experience

  • Our Department of Licensing certified curriculum targets key learning performance goals through:

  • Energized teacher-led discussions

  • Group and individual activities

  • Videos, worksheets, tests and quizzes

Classroom Schedule

Classroom sessions meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 5 consecutive weeks.  Students always have two choices of time to attend. 

For more details about our schedule and available start dates

Click here

Our schedule allows our students to attend one class time on one day then change to the other class time the next and back and forth as their schedule demands, providing a flexible schedule for students and parents alike!

If you value a

Comprehensive Program

Enthusiastic Instructors

Fun - Interactive - Engaging Environment



Then you came to the right place!

In the Car

Our luxuriously appointed vehicles have state of the art *safety equipment and can accommodate students of all skill levels and sizes. The basic course provides up to 12 hours of In-Car instruction.

(6 Behind the Wheel & optionally 6 Observation)


  • Direct correlation of classroom learnings to In-Car drills

  • Six individual drives with specific learning tasks

  • Drive by Drive assessments 

  • Peer observation and feedback

  • Teacher to Parent feedback regarding additional practice needs

Driving Schedule

Drives appointments are available 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday, to meet nearly every student and parents' schedules. We schedule 6 drives in total. 

Each drive includes the students time behind the wheel (1hr) and should they choose a partner, their time observing a partner (1hr). Non partner drives are 1hr.

Our behind the wheel curriculum covers most driving situations. Each students' driving ability varies and we tailor the in-car curriculum to fit each students needs. In most cases a student can expect the following lessons:

  1. Basic controls and manuevering, vehicle referencing and fender judgement, neighborhood environments, arterials and simple intersections.

  2. Rural highway and higher speed environments.

  3. Complex backing and parking maneuvers.

  4. Freeway driving, route planning and space management.

  5. Complex intersections, higher traffic arterials, one and two way streets and transitions.

  6. Emergencies, reduced traction and visibility situations, review, and test preparation.

*Safety is important and all of our vehicles are 5 star crash test rated in all categories.

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